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Bonded and unbonded screeds

It can be difficult trying to find a flooring solution that works for you. Luckily, we may have exactly what it is you're looking for. We're the top business working in liquid screed Norfolk, East Anglia has. These fantastic floor coatings can provide the perfect combination of aesthetics as well as performance.

Think about the last time you looked at a restaurant menu. Next, imagine it as a separate language. The options start becoming rather confusing at this point. It's the same for those who try to decide between liquid screeds. It gets increasingly challenging when you throw in all the technical terms. To assist those who are a little lost we've put together a useful guide. It covers several types of liquid screed.


Firstly we have bonded screed. This is perfect for areas that are susceptible to water. You can also use them in locations that require thinner flooring. The screed sticks to concrete subfloors via the use of adhesives. SBR or PVA is what bonds the layers together. If your flooring is going to hold heavy articles, we recommend using this kind of screed.

Unbonded screed

You install this type of screed over a subfloor and it won't bond to it. You start by placing a damp proof polyurethane membrane over your substrate. Your liquid screed then pours over this. If the concrete beneath begins cracking, it won't progress to the top layer. This is one of the main benefits of unbonded screeds. Not to mention, the membrane hampers moisture as well, providing excellent protection.

At Flow Screed, we use two distinct types of liquid screed. The first is Thermio +, which we use specifically for underfloor heating. The second, Eco screed, can provide smooth level surfaces. Furthermore, you're free to use bonded or unbonded.

The wide array of options we offer make us the best supplier of liquid screed Norfolk and East Anglia can offer. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us anytime. We are always happy to suggest materials for you.

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