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Flowscreed CHAS Approved Contractor.

Really pleased to be CHAS health & safety approved contractor again this year.

Many thanks to Dave Price, Nicole and Matthew of HS Direct for all your help.

Did you know,

1. In 2015 the health & safety law changed to included a domestic build is now classed the same as a commercial building project.

2. Legal requirement to have a CDM plan in place before domestic building work commences.

3. A legal requirement to have a asbestos survey on any pre 2000 domestic building before work commences.

4. The home owner, land owner as well as builder or contractor can now be fined by the health and safety executive.

5, fines were increased last February 2016.

If your a building a new home, extension, or just remodeling kitchen or bathroom, get a CDM plan and approved helpful safe contractor like Flowscreed Ltd.

We always give free advice and contacts to help you through your safety first building process.

Call Sally & Hugh 01945 232111 for a free quotation.

or bathroom

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