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Top 5 reasons why you should choose underfloor heating

Top 5 reasons why you should choose underfloor heating Underfloor heating is the most efficient method of heating a room and is fast becoming the most popular option for new building and property refurbishments As a result, more trade professionals are being asked to install underfloor heating and self-builders and renovators are using it as their preferred heating method. Flowscreed has been the UK’s leading supplier and installer since 2007, with the aim to be the 'one-stop shop' for all your underfloor heating needs. Here are our top five reasons to choose Underfloor Heating: 1. It works seamlessly with modern design Underfloor heating is ideal for modern, open plan living. A loss of radiators on the walls means that there is more room for experimenting with interior design, to create a comfortable, warm home. 2. Set a consistent temperature Water is evenly heated through a network of pipes, ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed. Sensors and Thermostats are wired into underfloor heating systems and are a great way to monitor and control UFH systems, maximising energy efficiency. 3. Energy efficient An underfloor heating system is much more energy efficient than radiators as it operates at a lower heat while spreading the heat around the room (between 35°C and 60°C - most commonly around 50°C), whereas radiator systems must operate at a higher temperature to ensure the heat reaches the other side of the room (radiators generally run at around 82°C) and therefore use a lot more energy. Depending on the type of floor, underfloor heating ensures that heat loss is minimised, by radiating heat upwards from the floor space, heating other surfaces in the room which then radiates a secondary heat and keeps the underfoot warm and eliminates floor draughts. Whereas radiators don’t distribute heat evenly – naturally the warmest part of the room is the ceiling and the coolest is the floor, creating an inefficient way of heating a room. The most energy efficient type of underfloor heating is wet underfloor heating as opposed to the electric systems. The only disadvantage to wet underfloor heating is that in existing rooms the floor may need to be raised if the pipes won’t fit underneath the flooring. 4. You can choose a system to suit your project Flowscreed aims to ensure that you receive the right system for your project by understanding that each installation is unique and has different variables. We have a system to suit a new-build, renovation, modification to one room or a re-fit, we have a solution for every project. Underfloor heating works with all types of floors, tiles/natural stone, vinyl, engineered wood, solid wood and carpet. 5. A healthier and cleaner option A radiator’s primary function is to distribute warm air via convection currents supplemented by warm air. This means it picks up dust from the floor and sends it into the air, underfloor heating does not have this problem, making it a healthier choice for everyone particularly sufferers of Asthma and dust allergies. According to our customers we are great value for money, have high quality products and we give free delivery (from installers rather than sales people), this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. 

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