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Benefits & Advantages of Self Compacting Concrete.

Current Developments in Self-Compacting Concrete.

Self compacting concrete (SCC) can be classified as an advanced construction material. The SCC as the name suggests, does not require to be vibrated to achieve full compaction. This offers following benefits and advantages over conventional concrete.

  • Improved quality of concrete and reduction of onsite repairs.

  • Faster construction times.

  • Lower overall costs.

  • Facilitation of introduction of automation into concrete construction.

  • Improvement of health and safety is also achieved through elimination of handling of vibrators.

  • Substantial reduction of environmental noise loading on and around a site.

  • Possibilities for utilization of “dusts”, which are currently waste products and which are costly to dispose of.

  • Better surface finishes.

  • Easier placing.

  • Thinner concrete sections.

  • Greater Freedom in Design.

  • Improved durability, and reliability of concrete structures.

  • Ease of placement results in cost savings through reduced equipment and labor requirement.

  • SCC makes the level of durability and reliability of the structure independent from the existing on – site conditions relate to the quality of labor, casting and compacting systems available.

  • The high resistance to external segregation and the mixture self – compacting ability allow the elimination of macro – defects, air bubbles, and honey combs responsible for penalizing mechanical performance and structure durability.


Concrete solutions.

  • Concrete slab.

  • Concrete garages.

  • Garage flooring.

  • Retaining walls.

  • Concrete floor.

  • Concrete foundations.

  • Concrete footings.

  • Self compacting concrete.

  • Self leveling concrete.

  • Horizontal concrete.

  • Concrete repair.

  • Pumped concrete.

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