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Prevention is the better approach

We employ a team of flooring solutions specialists. It's their job to provide several amazing services. This includes liquid flooring screed and floor insulation. Without a doubt, they are the best when it comes to flowing screed East Anglia and Norfolk has.

Crumbling, cracking, debonding, and curling all have something in common; they all occur because of flaws in screeds. You can rectify some of these issues, however, prevention is always the superior method. In relation to screeding, multiple elements go in to preventing the issue.


One such element is installation. We're talking about two things when discussing installing a screed. These are compacting and laying. Like everyone, you probably want flawless results. If so, you need to lay the screed when it is still wet. You'll also want to guarantee sufficient compaction through the screed's depth. To do this, you must apply screeds thicker than 75mm. Do this in successive layers.

Two other important elements are level and surface regularity. Normally, you measure departure from the datum level with laser levels. They can aid you in removing the risk of faults. They do this by recording numerous results automatically and producing valid measurements.

You verify surface regularity using a 2m straight edge. It is simple to position this on the floor to see if there is any deviation. Permissible departure from this edge varies from 3mm to 10mm. You can also use floor-levelling compounds here. They can amend the majority of surface and flatness regularity problems.

At Flow Screed, we're prepared to handle any project that clients bring to us. Our flexibility is the reason we are the top name for flowing screed Norfolk and East Anglia has.

Customers are what matter the most to us. As such, we go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction. Our screeding solutions are excellent for underfloor heating among other applications. This is because they flow around the pipes and create a void-free finish.

If you would like more details about our services, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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