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What makes flowing concrete so special?

Despite the handiness of the flowing concrete Norfolk clients love, many people are unaware of the extent of its usefulness. When you use it for your project you can discover an easier way to lay the material without making sacrifices. It can even reduce the overall time and costs of your project. We can help you understand how it is a great choice. Our reputation as the foremost providers of flowing concrete East Anglia has means you can trust us.

What You Need To Know

The characteristics of flowing concrete offer advantages over the traditional mixture. It allows you to overcome some of the more common issues people face with placement. Rather than adding in water on site to increase workability, it uses water reducing admixtures. This mix, also referred to as high slump concrete, is economical and popular for many reasons.

A Better Option

Placing concrete can be difficult because you need to get it done in a certain time frame. This is both due to project deadlines and the need to get it right before it sets. At the same time, you need to do a good job. A great solution is a material that flows more freely.

Flowing concrete can make it easier to work in awkward areas. It is a highly beneficial substance with a reduced risk of crazing, curling and porosity.

There is no need to add in water which can reduce the strength of the material regardless of the curing process. You still have easy placement though and less labour needs. One of many benefits is that it will greatly reduce the chance of segregation.

You won't regret choosing the leading provider of flowing concrete Norfolk and East Anglia depends on. If you want to learn more about our work you can always give us a call. We are happy to inform people about our first class services and high quality materials. You can reach us at 01945 232111 to talk about any topic.

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