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Wimbledon London

Screeding upper floors on timber joists with Mixit London cemtishus screed, over 25mm EPS 100 Gridboard.


1. Gridboard great alternative for upper floors than PIR as the board's doesn't curl when walked on.

2. Gird woven material hold's the underfloor heating clips down tight to the floor.

3. Board doesn't curl in cold weather unlike PIR.

Expansion perimeter edge with PVC apron installed with a vapor check membrane, to encaplate the flowing screed.

Underfloor heating was completed main by the contractors heating engineer.

4. Installation of Mixit London cemtishus liquid screed , a quick drying screed between 14 to 28 days moisture content.

Ready for standard primers, levelling screeds tile adhesive's.

Thinner 50mm thick screed was laid to enhance the underfloor heating, with a quick ramp up time. With the heat being stored within the screed, saving cost's heating the home annually.

Installed by the #flowscreedteam.

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