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What is perimeter upstand insulation in solid floor constructions?

History, music and comedy have given us many great double acts through the years whether it’s the Wright brothers breaking ground in aviation, Lennon & McCartney’s songwriting prowess or Del Boy & Rodney’s classic comedy moments. All of these pairs go hand in hand and undoubtedly wouldn’t have had the same impact on the world we know today if they had not have come to work together.

Another, famous double act in the world of Flooring……by Celotex is Celotex FI5000 and its partner Celotex US4025.

What is perimeter upstand insulation in solid floor constructions?

The use of perimeter upstand insulation is key to stopping heat escaping through the edge of the screed or concrete oversite in solid floor constructions. Celotex US4025 is used as the vertical perimeter upstand insulation when Celotex FI5000 is used on the main floor area.

The Celotex FI5000/US4025 double act combines to offer a new approach to insulating solid floors by eliminating the need for an additional separating layer prior to screeding or concreting on top of the insulation.

By eliminating the separating layer a contractor can typically lay 300m2 of Celotex FI5000 a day. This can be achieved simply by butting the board joints in a break bonded manner and taping these joints prior to screeding.

Celotex US4025 offers a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK and a thermal resistance of 1.10 m2K/W. Additionally, Celotex US4025 features zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential.

So to summarize, the double act of Celotex FI5000 and Celotex US4025 allows Flooring …by Celotex to offer an innovative high performance alternative to insulating solid floors.

Both Celotex FI5000 and Celotex US4025 are available from Flowscreed call 01945 232 111

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