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High Performance Underfloor Heating Screed

Thermio + Is a liquid floor screed specifically designed for use with Underfloor heating systems, allowing only 20mm cover to pipes and offering unrivalled heating performance.


Eco | Flow Screed

Commonly use in residential and commercial applications.

Eco screed is a liquid screed designed to provide a smooth level surface . It can be used Bonded. unbonded or floating and with or without UFH.


Excelio | Flow Screed

The ultra-thin flow screed, sub-base leveller

EXCELIO screed is a ready mixed truck delivered screed that can be applied from just 12mm. Up to 83m2 can be achieved for each cubic metre, eliminating the need for an expensive bagged alternative.



No Doubt About It

Cemfloor screeds are very responsive to underfloor heating; due to the fact that they can be laid in very thin sections and have a high thermal conductivity of up to 2.9w/mk.
Since Cemfloor is a cement based screed; floor coverings can be applied much faster than calcium sulphate screeds which require a final moisture content of 0.5% which can delay floor finishings by months.
Whereas Cemfloor can be tiled at a final moisture content of 5% and timber floors can be installed at a final moisture content of 2.8%; speeding up the entire build process.

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